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Spaceonmove is a consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland that supports SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland in managing their infrastructure and workplaces.

We have nearly 30 years of extensive experience in the fields of facility management (FM) and workplace design, and their intersection with the property market and human resources.
Having worked within a large group, our experience also extends to the areas of human resources, marketing and change management.
We’ve led the negotiation teams for major contracts in the area of FM and workplace both in Switzerland and abroad. Ethics, collaboration and transparency are principles that guide our actions on a daily basis. We adapt to your needs whether or not they pertain to the above-mentioned areas. Finally, we only support customers and never service providers.

Photo of a smiling Christian Hadorn

Christian Hadorn CEO Spaceonmove

N° 1 Business sectors and support

We have been active in the banking sector (retail banking, commercial clients, wealth management and operations) for close to 10 years with a major Swiss bank, managing the areas of human resources, marketing, internal services and organisation.

N° 2 Facility Management (FM)

Until 2005 we headed operational management for French-speaking Switzerland with approximately 200 employees for the same banking institution. From 2006 to 2009 and following the outsourcing of FM services we headed operational management for the four Swiss regions and acted as an interface between internal customers (around 25,000) and FM suppliers. In 2009 we negotiated a new FM contract with the supplier, which made it possible to significantly reduce costs and optimise services. Since 2012 we have managed the new FM competence centre for the entire Swiss banking group.

N° 3 Workstation concept

Between late 2009 and 2012 we designed and implemented a new workplace concept at the same large Swiss bank, including the introduction of desk sharing. These activities included all aspects of communication, marketing and change management, as well as concepts, planning and furniture purchase.

N° 4 Intersection with the property market

Throughout our various professional experiences we have gained in-depth knowledge of the property market. Interrelations between FM and workplace design and the property market are essential to creating ideal synergies.

N° 5 Communication

Working at a large banking institution has allowed us to develop an attractive network of FM and workplace concept companies. We have given approximately 200 presentations for both external and internal audiences. Change management has been an important part of our work when introducing new workplace concepts.

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