Facility Management & Workspace Consulting

Effective solutions for optimising your Facility Management (FM) workloads and your SME’s workplace.

What benefits can you expect?

  • Drawing of a building

    +20% savings on infrastructure costs*

  • Drawing of a desk with a computer

    +30% more workspace for employees*

  • Drawing of a smiling young man

    +70% attractiveness to young talent*

* potential depending on the options selected and the specific situation of the company.

Facility Management

We had to review our infrastructure management in order to reduce our costs.

The contribution made by the external consultant was invaluable to our approach as we lacked the necessary knowledge internally.

We were able to benefit from the consultant’s know-how and experience, access key data and processes and proceed logically in areas that were unfamiliar to us. Using a systematic approach and precise specifications, we have been able to reduce our operational costs while delegating a large part of our activities to quality service providers.

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Changing your working environment is a challenge even for a medium-sized company.

We wanted to energise our team, give them the means to interact effectively and attract new talent using in particular a new shared workspace concept.

Thanks to the support of an experienced consult, the changes we made were a success. We have been able to avoid several mistakes and develop an attractive framework that our employees are proud of, most of them having contributed to the process.

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